4 Inspiring BuJo Prompts to Bust Through Writers’ Block

4 Inspiring BuJo Prompts to Bust Through Writers’ Block

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of bullet journaling—we even created a starter kit filled with everything you need to begin. But why? Well, we like to think of a journal as a mirror reflecting every facet of you: The everyday things that happened, your thoughts, your observations and feelings. Your journal is a non-judgemental friend that’s always got your back, no matter what secrets you tell it. And when you look back on it years from now, you’ll have a tangible record of your own growth. 

4 Inspiring Bullet Journal Prompts to Bust Through Writers’ Block

Some people think that a bullet journal is only good for recording the day’s events and to-do lists, but that’s a total myth. It’s also a seriously good tool for self-reflection when you use it diary-style. 

If you don't have a habit of keeping a diary, you may be wondering - "What should I write in my bullet journal?"  We love these four journal prompts, all of which can serve as launchpads for a daily writing habit. Read on and let us know what you think in the comments—we love to hear from you! 

The best bullet journal ideas for self-reflection, according to Team BonBon - as seen on the OprahMag.com

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  1. The 4 Line Diary

We heart this technique because it’s so simple and accessible. All you have to do is answer the following four questions: 

① What moved/inspired you about today?

② What did you discover?

③ What did you learn from it?

④ What are you going to do / what do you want to do?

How did you fail today? What did you learn from it - what are you going to do?

  1. The Future Diary 

We love to use our bujos to turn our big dreams into plans and manifest the future we want. By getting clear on your desires, you’ll more naturally make choices that lead you in that direction. 

Answer the following questions daily while imagining yourself the next day (or within a time frame of your choosing).

① What is the one thing you want to happen - and why do you want this for yourself?

Describe in as much detail as you can: Who will be there? Where will you meet? What feelings do you have? 

② List the top 3 challenges that prevent you from achieving this goal. Then, for each of the challenges, come up with 4 things you can start doing right now to get things moving. 

③ Turn these action steps into a tangible plan with a target date. On a separate page in your bullet journal, create a log to record what you have done and what your feelings were at that time. This will help you see your own changes and growth when you review it regularly.

Feel free to repeat with any dreams and desires in your heart. 

  1. Thank-You Diary


A "thank you diary" helps you find things to be thankful for in everyday life. No event is meaningless. As you find something to appreciate from the little moments in your day, you will feel more happiness within you. Own it! 

Put up an antenna of gratitude and ponder what happened today. The littlest thing is okay. 

① What were you grateful for today? What happened?

(2) Express your heartfelt gratitude.

  1. The Morning Show

From the moment we wake up in the morning, dizzying thoughts begin to swirl around in our minds. You have to do that, don't forget this, and then ... and so on. The "Morning Show" is a journal prompt that helps break the infinite loop of thoughts so you can clarify what you need to concentrate on here and now. By the time you finish writing, your mind should feel lighter and more refreshed.

As the name suggests, “The Morning Show" is super effective in the morning. Some top performers also swear by doing this prompt right before bed—you’ll go to sleep feeling much better, knowing that you have a solid plan ahead to face the next day. But honestly, it's okay to write any time of day. What is most important is that you continue to do so.

Here’s how it’s done:  

① What are the to-dos, worries, and concerns on your mind right now? Write down everything that pops into your head, from relationships and career to housework and health.

(2) From this list, draw a star next to the things that are of highest priority. This is what you’ll focus on that day.

Remember Journaling is About Expression, Not Perfection 

Trust us: The more you write, the more refreshed you’ll feel. Any of the four bullet journaling ideas above will truly bring out the best of your day, even if you’re suffering from writer’s block. Over time, you’ll be amazed by the learning and awareness you gain from these little moments of self-reflection—and the nuggets of wisdom you uncover will eventually turn into your own gold to treasure. 

For more journaling tips, check out this article on Oprah.com—featuring BonBon! 

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