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BonBon, Unwrapped

Starlet Susilo BonBon Paper Founder


This journey started after my year-long adventure in Japan, a country with eye candy around every corner. As someone who gets giddy over the smell of a new journal or a sheet of glittery tissue paper, Japan’s next-level stationery scene basically turned me into the heart-eyes emoji. I wanted to bring that feeling to others—without having to book a trip across the Pacific—so I created BonBon Paper: a destination for the most obsession-worthy paper goods I found on my travels.


At BonBon , our idea of luxury is getting a moment to ourselves and sliding a pen across a beautiful sheet of paper. (Writing to-do lists on the back of old envelopes doesn’t really do it for us.)


Join us on IG @bonbonpaper or check out the latest and greatest on our site. (Like the Bullet Journaling Set that was recently featured in the Oprah magazine website!) Can’t wait to see you there.


Wishing you the sweetest things in life,


Starlet Susilo, Founder of BonBon Paper