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BonBon Unwrapped

Looking back at a year-long adventure in Japan, it was nothing short of eye candy heaven, a charmed life with their endless display of picture-perfect sweet packaging and irresistible smart wrapping. Japan is known around the world for their masterful art of presentation - and a prominent culture of gift-giving. Most delightfully, the gift wrapping is equally and sometimes even more notable than the actual gift itself.

Inspired by this, BonBon Paper set out to create sweet gift-wrapping details: from gift tags in classic luxuriously thick paper to simple gift bags for timeless style.

Our line is designed for the cherished moments when we connect with others. A celebration of love, memorable events with friends, an appreciation at work. It’s the time when we wholeheartedly say thank you, I love you, and congratulations. It’s the time when we express our wishes on their special day.

Gift-giving is happiness - shared and multiplied. Nothing feels quite as luxurious as the feeling when you see them smile. And that is why we created BonBon Paper.