$ 15.00

If Apple made stationery, it’d probably look like the Midori MD—a simple, elegant notebook made for minimalists (and messy people who wish they were minimalists).

If you’re looking for a notebook with cute graphics, inspirational quotes, or other decoration, you won’t find them here. Let’s be real: The Midori MD doesn’t even have a cover. (Trust us, you won’t miss it—the pages are so chic you’ll want to show them off.)

Instead, the magic is in this Japanese notebook’s iconic, less-is-more design:

  • Opens flat for comfort | The notebook’s threaded binding bends with ease, allowing you to write in bed, on the train, or at any other angle. 
  • Dot grid pages | Just like traditional Japanese genko yoshi writing paper, the grid is made up of individually spaced squares. Marks at every 5 and 10 squares make for easy character counting.
  • Protected by paraffin paper | No bulky cover here, just a waxed dust jacket that keeps pages clean.

The Midori MD is the paper equivalent of a crisp white shirt or a freshly-washed car—it makes you feel more pulled together by association. Next step: Decluttering your desk?